I have had the annoyance of finding poetry the easiest form of expressing certain overflowing thoughts and feelings at various stages of my life. My dislike for the popular image of the dark poet or vacuous pseudo-'art' brought a somewhat failed attempt at humor in this introductory confession.

That is not to say that I dislike all poetry. I share those that speak great meaning to my mind.

The Blind Men and the Elephant by John Godfrey Saxe

I am even sharing my own writings on various subjects from various stages, even if I have the common creator's belief that it's never quite perfected. These are not in the order written, but the order shared on this blog. The time of their writing is included in the post. I suspect I shall either create different blogs, or a separate pages for particular collections. Here they are simply solitary.

Pharaoh's Heart (of which I am particularly pleased)

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