Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pharaoh's Heart

The Pharaoh's heart was hardened -
But not by God back when
His servant, Moses came and prayed
The Hebrews be free men
To go and worship God above
Short three days journey hence -
The Pharaoh chose the tyrant's role
Despite the evidence
That God Above was speaking
And fair was the request
But wicked man will not allow
His enemy be blessed.
For thus fault is admitted:
Great fault had Egypt done
When Pharaoh's father ordered death
To each Hebrew newborn son.
And this to cover further ill
As oppressors always fear
The beaten ones might just lash back
If freedom's call they hear.
So he thought to leave them weakened,
Bloodied, docile, broken
Hoping he could make it so
Despite all God had spoken
Pharaoh did not understand
That God cannot be thwarted
So even as he sought control
His strength had been aborted.
Plea by plea ignored, revenged
Then answered in return
By God above who'll not allow
His children be left to spurn
By those who will not heed His voice
But kick against the pricks
Until even Pharaoh's son
And all firstborn fell sick.
Finally Pharaoh chose to think
The Hebrew price too steep
And paid to see them go away
Their neighbors' gems to keep.
Yet even then he saw the work
Of slaves now freed forsaken
And burned inside with anger
At the slight to the Egyptian.
Calling forth his mighty men
They raced to head the hated
All down to the water's edge
Where choice became the fated.
Moses' staff struck down 'mid cries
The water was  held off
The Hebrews fled, Pharaoh's men drowned -
The ultimate price for scoff.
Against the mighty God above
A hardened heart is given choice
To heed or scorn, to hate or hear
The chance held in His voice.
But should one take the Pharaoh's path
Beware what lies ahead
Once hardened heart is set in stone,
Eternal hope's found dead.
Do not leave God's only course
To have you home once more
Be found in soft'ning fires of trial
'Til you hear Him at the door.
Rather let your heart be soft
Be quick to hear His call
You'll find He's there to raise you up
Should Pharaoh seek your fall.

(Started March '12, finally completed today.)

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